Community Resources

Illinois Department of Public Health

llinois Department of Public Health is a state agency dedicated to promoting and protecting the health and well-being of the residents. It plays a crucial role in developing and implementing public health policies, programs, and initiatives to address various health issues.

The department focuses on disease prevention, health education, and ensuring access to quality healthcare services for the people of Illinois.

Illinois Department of Employment Security

llinois Department of Employment Security is a state agency responsible for managing and overseeing unemployment insurance benefits in Illinois.

The department works to connect job seekers with employment opportunities, administer workforce development programs, and collect and analyze labor market data to support economic initiatives within the state.

Housing Authority of Cook County

The Housing Authority of Cook County (HACC) is a governmental agency in Illinois that focuses on providing affordable housing solutions for residents of Cook County. It operates various housing programs, including the administration of subsidized housing and rental assistance initiatives. HACC works to enhance the quality of life for low and moderate-income individuals and families by ensuring access to safe, decent, and affordable housing options throughout Cook County.

Cook County Clerk Office

The Cook County Clerk’s Office is responsible for overseeing various administrative and record-keeping functions. One of its primary roles is managing and maintaining public records, including vital records, property deeds, and court documents. Additionally, the Cook County Clerk’s Office plays a crucial role in conducting elections, ensuring the integrity of the voting process, and providing information and services related to voter registration and absentee balloting.

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